Documentary Feature Film, Domestic Release with Super, LTD August 31, 2018, Foreign Release with Kew Media April 1, 2019 - #1 iTunes Documentary, #5 iTunes All Movies - Available on Hulu, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, FandangoNow

Writer/Director/Producer: Jack Bryan
Writer/Producer: Marley Clements
Production: Shooting Films

Private Screening Events: Spring Place, April 2018 / Bryant Park Hotel, February 2018 / European Parliament, April 2019 Official Selection: Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, April 2018
Official Selection: Port Townsend Film Festival, September 2018 
Official Selection: DUMBO Film Festival, December 2018 
Official Selection: Riviera International Film Festival, April 2019
Official Selection: Junction North International Documentary Film Festival, March 2019
Official Selection: Galway Film Festival, July 2019

About: Possibly one of the largest espionage operations in history played out as the world watched Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign and his ultimately foreseeable election into office. In this long-awaited political documentary, director Jack Bryan, through expert testimony and archival footage, skillfully constructs a powerful argument as to how Soviet modern warfare tactics shifted the 2016 US presidential elections. Tracing back to the 1970s and events in Ukraine, Georgia and Estonia, the film sets the stage for what is to come: scandal, corruption, blackmail, bankruptcy and money laundering, fueled by the Russian Mafia and corrupt political figures who greedily manipulate US politics and mass social media in their unrelenting lust for power. Featuring interviews with Hillary Clinton, John McCain, James Woolsey, Michael McFaul and more, Active Measures links the concurrent rise to power of two men: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Locations: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Tucson, Warsaw, Washington D.C.

Twitter: @ActMeasuresDoc
Facebook: @ActiveMeasuresFilm
Instagram: @ActiveMeasuresFilm
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Selected Press

Is This the Documentary That Can Take Down Trump?

04/30/2018 Tom Roston
“a dizzying and rigorously researched documentary”
#1 Trending story on Apple News

Filmmakers of ‘Active Measures’ Documentary Assert Donald Trump Has Been Putin’s Puppet for Decades

04/30/2018 Addie Moorfoot
“explosive documentary”
“could be likened to watching a 21st century version of Watergate”
 “constructs a powerful argument”
“meticulously documents” 

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04/22/2018 Bruce DeMara
“Four Stars”
“riveting and authoritative”
“comprehensive and indispensable primer”
“For anyone trying to navigate the labyrinth of personalities and events behind the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the last U.S. presidential election” 

‘Active Measures’ Film Review: How Putin’s Tactics Stole Russia, and How They’re Corrupting the USA

04/30/2018 Todd Gilchrist
 “laserlike focus”
“connect the dots with methodical precision, and minimal sensationalism”
“a damning concentration of allegations that will undoubtedly leave liberals pulling those hairs out in frustration”

Hot Docs review: Active Measures

04/25/2018 Norman Wilner
“Assembling a wealth of information and presenting it with relentless, almost shark-like momentum”

Review: ‘Active Measures’

05/02/2018 Maurie Alioff
“goes straight to the jugular”
“It has a force that is nightmarish”