Music Video, Chrysta Bell for V Magazine

Director: Trevor Undi
Production: East of Normal
February 2013 

From V Magazine: "We would call this dazzling new Chrysta Bell music video Lynchian even if it wasn't performed by David's declared muse and protégé. It just so happens that the new act at One Eyed Jack's isn't Lana, but Chrysta. Many have compared an H&M commercial (and many other moments in del Rey's career) to Blue Velvet, but the singer so far gets no endorsement from the originator. In fact, the unquestionably Lynchan mood that sets up del Rey's look was gleaned purely from a surrounding context—she admits she never watched a Lynch film all the way through before fans started to make connections between her and them.

Chrysta Bell, on the other hand, has a little more in common with Mr. Lynch's brand. You've seen the director'scommercials for Dior, and now an ad for Dior's Hypnotic Poison perfume features one of her original tracks). Her new album This Train, was helmed, produced and cowritten by the master of dark seduction himself (yes, really, David Lynch), who she has known for years now. When V heard that the Texan Southern Bell wanted to make a new video for her trippy "Friday Night Fly," we were on the set like flies to honey. And we were mesmerized not only by her beauty and talent, but by that same magic that happens when we're introduced to a new character inTwin Peaks, or after a party scene in Lost Highway or Mullholland Drive. We're satisfied, and simultaneously, left wanting more. Directed by Trevor Undi and filmed exclusively for V, the video features Bell in Valentino Couture."

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